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Interview with Kristyn Carmichael, Mediator, Family Attorney, & Certified Divorce Financial Analyst - Shoutout Arizona

Shoutout Arizona - Interview with Kristyn Carmichael

This past week, our founder, Kristyn Carmichael, had the opportunity to interview with Shoutout Arizona, a virtual magazine focussed on highlighting entrepreneurs and creatives in the Arizona community. The interview covered:

  1. Biggest misconceptions in the legal field, particularly when it comes to divorce, including:

    1. Divorce is inexpensive

    2. The Judge will choose my side and I will have my day in court

    3. My attorney and/or judge knows best

  2. How Couples Solutions Center came to be and what makes us different, including:

    1. Compassionate and thoughtful approach

    2. Family-centered agreements

    3. Transparent fees to keep costs low

    4. Expertise to help you create advantageous agreements

    5. Offer a “concierge” service, assisting from beginning to end

    6. Understanding of the intersection between finances and the legal process

  3. What services we offer:

    1. Premarital mediation - we help couples have the difficult conversations prior to getting married to set themselves up for success, including discussions of finances, expectations, and communication

    2. Cohabitation mediation - couples moving in together meet to understand the lack of legal protections they have as an unmarried couple, and create a cohabitation agreement to protect themselves from future events

    3. Divorce mediation - assists couples in reaching legally binding agreements on the division of their assets and debts, parenting plan agreements, and support, such as spousal maintenance and child support

    4. Parenting mediation

    5. Marital Financial mediation - we assist couples through their financial conflict that is causing problems within their marriage

Check out the entire article HERE today!

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