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What Makes the Difference

When choosing a mediator, it's important to know what sets your professional apart.

Joint Sessions

We believe in our clients' abilities to find mutually beneficial solutions that are personalized to them and their families needs.  For this reason, We typically meet with both partners jointly, rather than separately. Although separate sessions can be beneficial in certain circumstances, we believe that separating clients into different rooms and "shuttling" between them, as is common for many mediators, results in a much longer process with less successful, long-lasting agreements.

Family Centered Approach

When reaching agreements that effect your family, it's important to be thoughtful and considerate of the many changes you are experiencing now and into the future.  We believe in spending time to discuss the intricacies of your family's needs longterm, with a focus on creating personalized agreements that are unique to your specific circumstances.  Rather than "cookie-cutter" agreements, we guide you in creating long-lasting, customized solutions.

Financial Expertise

Division of finances can be one of the most confusing and challenging parts of the divorce or premarital process.  While parenting agreements typically remain modifiable, it can be difficult or even impossible to change a financial agreement once it has been finalized.  It is critical to divide your assets and debts properly, with a consideration for their complexity. 
I am a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, allowing me to provide insight into this proper division during your divorce or premarital process.

Legal Drafting

As a Certified Document Preparer, I am able to complete all legal filings for your case and file them with the court, preventing the need for additional drafting professionals. 

**Please note, if you are seeking a divorce outside of Arizona, final legal documents will need to be prepared by an additional professional.

Professional & Experienced

As the mediation field is not regulated, it's important to understand the education and background of the professional you work with.  I am a licensed Arizona attorney, as well as have completed all basic and extensive continued education as a family and civil mediator.  I have years of experience working with hundreds of clients to help them find resolutions through mediation.

Compassionate & Caring

Family mediation is our passion and we see the mediator's role as helping my clients find resolutions with compassion and empathy.  Whether it be the stress of marriage or divorce, it is important to us that our clients feel supported throughout their process.  We seek to create a warm environment where emotions and goals can be shared, rather than suppressed.

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