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Divorce Financial Coaching &
Financial Neutral 

During the divorce process, it's common for a couple or individual to be so focussed on the intricacies of their divorce that they forget the important implications a divorce has on their finances.  Whether one spouse needs assistance in understanding their finances or you both want options for the division of your finances, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst plays a key role in helping you avoid financial pitfalls and create the most adventitious agreements at the time of divorce.

Work with Individuals

Many spouses find themselves confused and feeling "left behind" when it comes to their finances at the time of divorce.  As a Divorce Financial Coach, I assist my client in:

  • Planning financial goals for the future

  • Understanding their finances now, and how their agreements during their divorce will effect their future

  • Budget planning

  • Financial disclosures

  • Avoiding financial pitfalls

  • Creating negotiated offers that address your specific needs and goals for the future

  • Building your financial confidence

Work with Couples

Are you and your partner looking for a financial agreement that will not only be fair, but address each of your goals for the future?    As a Financial Neutral and CDFA, I assist my client in:

  • Avoiding financial pitfalls, such as tax or fee implications

  • Creating plan options for the division of their finances that are fair and addresses each of their needs

  • Reviewing their goals for the future and helping them align their financial division at divorce accordingly

  • Creative approaches for dividing assets

I can assist you and your partner in reaching a mutual solution to the difficult discussion of asset and debt division.

Largest Divorce Financial Pitfalls


All of your assets are not taxed the same, so why value them the same?  It is important that you understand the taxability of each asset before it is divided or traded for another asset.

Big Picture

While it is helpful to look at each portion of your assets and debts individually, ultimately your individual agreements must fit together to make a complete picture.  If you focus on only the individual agreements, you risk creating an overarching agreement that will not work longterm.

Rushing the Process

It is understandable that you may want to complete your divorce process as quickly as possible.  But it is important that you aren't moving so quickly that you don't understand the implication of your agreements.  Once final, most divorce agreements cannot be changed.

Future Goals

While you may be focussed on getting through the next week, month, or year, your financial agreements at the time of divorce will effect you long into the future.  It is important to understand your longterm financial goals to better create agreements today that will help you reach those goals in the future.

Improper Valuation

Each of your assets has a "value," which will determine how it is divided.  It is important that each asset is valued properly to provide for an accurate division of all assets and debts.

Financial Disclosure

All financial disclosures should be complete prior to making agreements about the division of your assets and debts.  It is important to know what assets and debts you have, so you can be make knowledgable agreements accordingly.

Avoid financial pitfalls and have confidence in your financial agreements.

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