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Divorce and Parenting Mediation

Divorce or separation can be one of the most difficult experiences that

you and your family go through.


I'm here to help you keep your private lives out of court with divorce or parenting mediation.


We will work together to find mutually agreeable solutions, including the division of

all assets and debts, as well as a parenting plan and support agreement if needed.

Why Mediate?


Mediation allows you and your partner to reach mutually beneficial agreements rather than a judge making decisions for you.

Lower Cost

Lower cost process, with one flat fee rather than retainer+hourly fees with attorneys.  Mediation is typically 85% less expensive than hiring attorneys.

Out of Court & Confidential

Mediation protects families from the conflict of litigation (going to court).  It prevents you from having to go to court at all and keeps your process confidential / private.

Shorter Process

In Arizona, a divorce in court typically takes 8 months to over a year.  In mediation, your process is typically 3-5 months in length.  You have more control over your timeline.


Personalized to your family's needs rather than a general "cookie-cutter" agreement.  Your family is unique and your agreements should be too.


Mediation can occur in-person or online.  It allows you to reach your agreements from the comfort of your home via Zoom or in my office, rather than in a courtroom.

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Mediation is an affordable and low-conflict way to bring this chapter of your life to a close.

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