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Can Your Zodiac Sign Predict How You'll Handle a Divorce?

Can Your Zodiac Sign Predict How You'll Handle a Divorce?

If you’re into astrology and wonder if it correlates to how you handle your divorce and mediation process, the answer is yes it can! There are a lot of helpful tools that can be used during your divorce. Hiring a mediator is one of those tools. The stars' alignment can also be an insightful guide on how you operate during this tumultuous time. Mediation is a great process that allows you to control your timeline and mutually beneficial agreements. Understanding your zodiac sign can help you identify your feelings during the process and in mediation. 

Disclaimer - while zodiac signs can be fun and informative, they do not necessarily dictate individual behavior or how your divorce will proceed.

Divorce is a challenging journey that individuals from all walks of life must face, and our astrological signs can offer intriguing insights into the unique ways we cope with the process. Let's explore how each zodiac sign handles divorce, shedding light on the diverse approaches to healing and moving forward.

Couples Solutions Center - Capricorn

Capricorn The Determined Achiever

Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

Capricorns are often the CEOs of the world; they also enjoy being the leader of the family and the relationship. Capricorns view divorce as a temporary setback, leveraging their resilience and ambition to climb the metaphorical mountain of self-discovery. Capricorns can have a hard time discussing intimate and personal details about their relationship with their mediator, as they can be quite private people. They will also be determined to lead the conversation and guide the divorce process as they like having control during an uncontrollable time. As a Capricorn it can be hard to trust the mediation process, but relinquishing control can be beneficial to you and your former spouse.

Couples Solutions Center - Aquarius

Aquarius - The Progressive Visionary 

Jan. 20 - Feb. 18

Aquarius can hold onto things for a long time, including the life-changing decision of a divorce. Aquarius will need to make their mutually agreed decisions wisely, as they will feel a bigger impact emotionally from these decisions. They may seem emotionally distant during the divorce, but that is because they are suffering in silence. However, if you have wronged an Aquarius, then they probably have already come to terms with the divorce and they won’t have much conflict during the mediation sessions. An Aquarius often looks to the future, which is why their binding agreements will be quite important to them. They seek unconventional solutions, often turning to therapy, spirituality, or self-discovery practices. 

Couples Solutions Center - Pisces

Pisces - The Compassionate Dreamer

Feb. 19 - March 20

Pisces will react to a divorce based on the nature of the relationship. They are deeply sensitive individuals. If they were in a loving relationship and blind-sided by the divorce, they may not handle it well. However, if they were unhappy during the marriage, then they will feel free and ready to move on as they love "love" and will be happy to find a new deep love. No matter what, they will always care for their former spouse as they see love as part of their journey in life. They will be open to mediation and compromise to give their spouse what they need, and open to supporting their spouse even through the divorce.  Pisceans view the end of a marriage as a transformative journey toward self-discovery, fostering compassion for themselves and others along the way.

Couples Solutions Center - Aries

Aries - The Warrior

March 21 - April 19 

An Aries may demonstrate difficulty during the divorce process because they can have a hard time accepting fault. Aries always have good intentions, but may have a hard time keeping any promises made prior to mediation. Aries can be quite logical and analytical as well as will need everything written down – which is why mediation will be a great fit for an Aries. As long as Aries are being communicated to about changes in their agreements, they will not show their feisty, no-nonsense side. Known for their assertiveness, they confront challenges with determination. While they may initially experience anger and frustration, Aries transform these emotions into fuel for personal growth.

Couples Solutions Center - taurus

Taurus - The Ground Stoic

April 20 - May 20 

Tauruses are the bulls of the zodiac and can often be even more aggressive during a difficult time where they have to double down. They can come across blunt during the mediation session, making their demands known to their spouse and the mediator. Don’t be surprised if a taurus comes with detailed notes prepared for what they want and don’t want out of the divorce. Despite the unemotional and detached emotions a Taurus may exhibit, internally they are struggling through the process as Tauruses are fixed signs, meaning they like stability and to remain in their established relationship. They channel their energy into rebuilding their lives, focusing on creating a solid foundation for future happiness.

Couples Solutions Center - gemini

Gemini - The Adaptable Communicator

May 21 - June 21 

Geminis can be quite unpredictable during a divorce as they often have two sides to them. They will come off logical and reasonable one day by easily dealing with sorting the property and finances. The next day, they may be quite emotional and hard to be rational with. Once they are calm and are at their equilibrium, the rest of the divorce process should be quite smooth. Don’t be surprised if your gemini spouse runs away for a little, just give them the space they need and they will come back to resolve things. As a gemini, you will need to ride the wave of the process, allow your emotions to be, and then once you are ready to move forward calmly do so. They seek understanding and closure through conversation, often engaging in therapy or counseling.

Couples Solutions Center - cancer

Cancer - The emotional healer

June 22 - July 22 

Cancers are very emotional - they form deep emotional bonds and it will be hard for them to divorce their spouse even if it is for the better. This can bleed into mutual agreements as they will want to fight for their property and finances as if they are fighting for the relationship. Cancers will more than likely want to keep the home or any attachments that they had to the relationship. This can be difficult if the other spouse is ready to move on and detach from the relationship. Cancers should journal during their divorce process so their emotions don’t spill over into mediation too much. Highly emotional mediation sessions can lead to conflict and unproductive sessions. During a divorce, they prioritize self-care and emotional healing. Family and close friends become crucial support systems, as Cancer seeks comfort in nurturing relationships.

Couples Solutions Center - leo

Leo - The regal optimist

July 23 - Aug. 22 

Leos feel a lot of drama during the divorce process, but this is only because they aren’t ones to settle down easily, so once they do they will have a hard time uprooting their family and relationship. As another fixed sign, they do not handle failure well, so even if they initiated the divorce, they will still likely feel rejected by the relationship ending. It may be hard for the Leo to go through the mediation process without reassurance from their spouse that despite what’s going on this can be an amicable, loving divorce. While they may initially feel the sting of wounded pride, Leos ultimately emerge with newfound strength. They focus on self-love, embracing their individuality, and pursuing passions that reignite their inner fire.

Couples Solutions Center - virgo

Virgo - The practical analyst 

Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

As a principle of service, virgos will often look back to their servitude during the marriage and equate that to what they should get during the divorce. Because they are so analytical, they’ll want to review the documents multiple times. Virgos are mutable signs, meaning they can juggle many projects at once, however too many projects mixed with a divorce can lead to an eruption. They are not ones to be emotional and will seem often stoic during the mediation process. Don’t be hurt if your virgo spouse seems distant during the mediation process. As a virgo, remember to try to remain flexible during this process as things can change and don’t be afraid to show emotion, approaching divorce with a meticulous plan. Virgos methodically assess the situation, addressing practicalities such as finances and logistics.


Couples Solutions Center - libra

Libra - The harmonious diplomat

Sept. 23 - Oct. 23

Libras will want what is fair, even if that means the other spouse may receive more. They won’t view property and finances by the numerical value, rather through morals. Libras are quite indecisive, which can often lead to ambiguity during mediation. Libras are the mediators of the zodiac signs and always uphold that standard during conflict. In order to have a successful divorce and mediation, a Libra will have to make a definitive stance on certain agreements. A libra will want to go into the mediation with as much knowledge as possible, and if there are things they aren’t sure about they should make an effort to sit with themselves and decide what they want. It’s easier for mediation to flow when each spouse takes a stance. Libras prioritize maintaining amicable relationships post-divorce, viewing the experience as an opportunity to create a new, harmonious chapter in their lives.

Couples Solutions Center - scorpio

Scorpio - The resilient transformer

Oct. 24 - Nov. 21

Scorpios will handle divorce based on how the divorce ended. If it did not end on good terms, then Scorpios can be quite intense which can make the divorce process even more intense. Often revengeful after a break-up or divorce, a scorpio may want to take everything or say hurtful things to their spouse. However, if it is an amicable divorce, scorpio can also be quite respectful during this time as they grieve the marriage, and will just want to move through the process as smoothly as possible in order to heal. No matter what, divorce will be an emotional rollercoaster that may manifest in strange ways. Scorpios channel their passionate energy into personal evolution, emerging from the experience as a more empowered and transformed version of themselves.


Couples Solutions Center - sagittarius

Sagittarius - The optimistic explorer

Nov. 22 - Dec. 21 

Sagittarius are always expanding their mind and they may see divorce as just that. They refuse to be defined by divorce or boggled down. They may seem more lively and cheerful than most people during a divorce because they are wanderers of life and see this as the next chapter. Sagittarius won’t hold on to any turmoil in the relationship for too long. But remember as a Sagittarius to show emotion during the mediation process, as it may cause more turmoil and make your partner feel neglected by your potential lack of sadness. Sagittarians embrace the freedom to discover new horizons, both internally and externally, turning the page to a new chapter filled with exciting possibilities.

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