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Should You Hire a Divorce Coach? - "ABA Journal" Feature

ABA Feature - Should you hire a divorce coach?

I was recently interviewed by ABA (American Bar Association) Journal regarding whether I promote the use of a divorce coach with my clients during their divorce process. At Couple Solutions Center, we focus on providing a divorce concierge services for our clients, helping them with every part of their process from beginning to end including having a Divorce Coach to work with our clients. I cannot say enough about how helpful a divorce coach is to the process.

While very few people know about divorce coaches and the benefits they add to the process, we always encourage our clients to use a coach. Our coach, Andrea Hipps, is phenomenal at what she does. My clients have an easier time going through their divorce, working through challenging emotions, and finding solutions amicably when they work with her during our process.

I will clarify - it depends on the coach. Just like any field, unfortunately not everyone is a great coach. I find that many people that are not over their own divorce become coaches, then feeding their own personal emotions and challenging experiences into those experiences of their clients - resulting in a very unhelpful coach.

But a trained coach, who understands the divorce process and supports their clients in moving forward towards a new life on their own, can be invaluable. They bring a unique perspective to the process, as they are not giving legal advice. They are there to support the client emotionally and encourage them to act reasonably and thoughtfully during their divorce process.

Interested in learning more about having a divorce coach as a part of your team? Check out more information here. And find the entire article from the interview here.

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