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Intimate is the New Big: The Rise of Micro Weddings

The rise of micro weddings

During the height of COVID-19, we saw many couples needing to postpone their dream weddings or become creative with their weddings to avoid large gatherings. Due to this restriction on large weddings and a desire for a more intimate event, we have seen micro weddings grow in popularity even after we have returned to more normalcy following the height of the pandemic. Intimate micro-weddings are all the buzz, but what is this micro-wedding trend?

Micro Weddings are mini weddings that still have all the razzle dazzle, but are much less expensive and with a smaller guest count, usually 50 guests or less. Micro weddings solve quite a few of the problems in the wedding planning process.

Guest List

If you've been married you know that your guest list tends to grow with your mom's best friend from when she was in kindergarten that you've never met or your cousin's "date" who he's known for only a couple days. In order to avoid those unwanted guests and to keep the event more personal, a micro-wedding limits the number of guests to only those you want to share your special day with.


Couples don't have to worry about settling on a venue based on if it fits enough people. Instead, they have almost endless opportunities to choose a unique venue, not worrying about finding the perfect venue to fit a large number of people. You can have a much more intimate experience with the people who matter the most to you at a place you love. Ever thought about having a wedding in your childhood backyard, or that quaint cafe you and your fiance love? You can have those options and many more with a micro wedding!


We have seen that more couples are focussed on the "personality" of their relationship (who they are uniquely as a couple) and celebrating one another, rather than spending large sums of money on their wedding. Instead, couples are investing this money in their futures. You would be saving a ton of money by avoiding huge venue and food fees by only inviting a small number of people. You can still splurge on beautiful decorations and flowers to make the space come to life. You can even go crazy with the food (maybe a private chef or your favorite food truck) because you aren’t feeding hundreds of people.


We additionally find that these couples are focussed on setting a solid foundation for their marriage and relationship, rather than focussing solely on the event of the wedding itself. This thoughtful approach to their relationship means having difficult conversations before they get married, understanding each other's expectations and communication styles, as well as opening up about their finances. These couples see premarital mediation as an opportunity to work together and find mutual solutions for the success of their relationship into the future.

Despite all the amazing benefits of having a micro wedding, there are some downsides.

Maybe the venue you want to have the wedding at doesn’t allow private events or you can’t decorate the place how you see fit, due to their restrictions. If you decide to have a micro wedding you truly have to be confident in your guest list, which can cause a lot of stress for couples who can’t narrow down their list to 50 people or less.

Overall, micro weddings offer a lot of options for couples who are exploring wedding planners and venues. Couples can even find wedding planners who offer micro wedding services, which can be half the cost of a big wedding planner. You can still think and dream big for your wedding, and save more money for the honeymoon with a micro wedding.

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