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Divorce & Real Estate Podcast - Episode 1

🎙️🏠 Dive into the intricate intersection of divorce and property with the Divorce and Real Estate Podcast, Episode 1! 🎧.

The Divorce and Real Estate Podcast is where we navigate the complex intersection of divorce and property. Our mission is to provide crucial insights, expert advice, and empathetic support for those facing divorce and real estate decisions. Each episode will provide you insight into the specific challenges and opportunities available for your real estate during the divorce process - along with expert advice from leading professionals in the field.

Join hosts Kristyn Carmichael, Esq, CDFA, founder of Couples Solutions Center, an experienced Arizona attorney and certified divorce financial analyst, alongside Asher Cohen, founder of BUYAZRE at Realty Group, a local real estate expert.

Listen to Episode 1 now and start your journey toward informed, empowered decision-making in the intersection of divorce and real estate. 🎉🔗

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